What is Control?

We're here to help you take Control of your money. When you set up Direct Deposit, avoid long lines and check cashing fees and get your money up to two days faster.1

Want to boost your savings? Control offers you a high-yield savings account.2

Manage Your Money, Your Way

Identity verification and Card activation is required to use all card features or to add money.3

Control puts you in the driver's seat. Want to get your paycheck up to two days faster?1 Sign up for direct deposit – and be rewarded with a lower monthly fee if you deposit $500 in any one calendar month.4

A Card that Keeps Up with You

We'll hook you up with tools to help manage every dollar and get your spending on lock. Use the Control Card Prepaid Mobile App5 to access your Card Account anywhere you are. Plus, set up Anytime Alerts and get text messages5 alerting you of your Card Account activity.

Controlling your finances can be the difference between getting by and getting ahead.

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