Money Apps That May Could Change Your Life

Believe it or not, your phone – you know, that thing we’re all permanently glued to – can double as an on-the-go helper when it comes to managing your finances. We’ve rounded up some of the best budgeting apps out there to help you kick-start your improved money habits!


Get it for: Managing household spending

Get your family on the same financial page with Wally. This app can sync up your account balance from 15,000 banks around the globe and includes a calendar to track income and bills. You can also track other family member’s spending, and even set weekly goals to keep spending in check, because #teamwork. If you’re the type of person that wants to know where every dollar is flowing, this app will definitely help you breathe a little easier.


Get it for: Leveling up your budgeting skills

The Spendee and Wally apps both help track your purchases by category (like travel, food, or clothing) but there’s a few things worth calling out that Spendee does differently. For one thing, in a single tap you can see if you’re outspending what you’re making, which is always great to know. You can also set budgets for every category in Spendee to avoid overindulging on shoes or nights out, and even get served up an amount you can spend daily without busting your budget.


Get it for: Spending less without sacrificing

If you find yourself rolling your eyes whenever someone brings up the word ‘budget’ because you just don’t want to give up the good life, the Trim app could be your new BFF. It analyzes what you’re spending and where, and then serves up suggestions for ways to save money without actually having to cut back. This includes finding better deals on monthly expenses like your cable, internet, and phone bills and help negotiating your medical bills. It also groups your recurring expenses into one spot so you can easily see what subscriptions you’ve got and decide if they’re still worth it. We’re looking at you gym membership…

Credit Karma

Get it for: Keeping tabs on your credit

If getting a better credit score is a key financial goal for you right now, you need to check out the Credit Karma app. This free app lets you see whether your score is trending higher or lower, and provides alerts either way. You can even use the app to see if a dispute hits to your credit score and to see if you have open accounts in collections.


Get it for: Teaching the kids financial literacy

Back in the day when we got an allowance, we’d stash it in a piggy bank that would constantly get raided for candy and clothes. Today’s kids can learn a lot more about money with this minority-owned app. Parents get to set an allowance using whatever rules they want, including requiring kids to take a weekly financial literacy quiz to get access to their funds, or giving bonus bucks when they answer quiz questions right. Instead of a generic store gift card, you can send kids ‘Goal Cards’ as they save up for a big purchase. Good money habits start early – so get yours going today!


Get it for: Taking your analog ways online

Who has heard of the method of putting your cash into different envelopes for different expenses? The idea being when an envelope is empty, so is your budget for that type of spending. With Mvelopes you basically get to take that concept virtual, by syncing your bank account with the app and setting a simple budget that automatically distributes your income across your ‘envelopes.’ This app also offers dedicated coaching and a personalized financial plan with their premium tiers.


Get it for: Hitting your financial goals

Like a few other apps on this list, PocketGuard gives you a great breakdown of where your money is going. But this app goes beyond just spending to help you manage your saving and your debt repayment strategies too. Set up automatic transfers from your paycheck to go into a rainy day or big-ticket item savings fund, personalize your spending charts with custom categories and hashtags, and set a repayment schedule for debt to work towards long-term financial health.


Get it for: Everyday money management

You’re on the move but your Control™ Prepaid Mastercard is right there keeping up with you – in part through our app1. With Control, you can get your money quickly with mobile check deposit2 and peer to peer transfers3. The app also helps you stay on top of your purchases by providing a list of your recent transactions and the ability to check your balance on the fly. Control Card is a smart way to save and spend your money, and the Control Card Prepaid Mobile App1 is a big part of why that’s the case.

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